Have you ever wondered what a pro hair stylist would do to bring new life to your locks? Well Tiffany is the girl to ask! Her specialty is in creating the perfect, one-of-a-kind combination of cut and color for your unique life and style.

Tiffany is the owner and creative force behind our salon with 23 years of experience and a life long passion for beauty and style. Her education includes training from Tony & Guy, Tigi Academy, and Redken. Now she’s using her talents to bring every client’s creative vision to life!


Blonde hair and rainbow colors are all the rage and for great reason. Highlights and vivid colors are an amazing way to express your creativity. Get some of the coolest colors thanks to our talented stylist Monica. Since graduating from Regency Beauty she’s been in the business for a decade bringing her passion for painting to the beauty industry. Keep your colors up to date or try something brand new for the very first time. Call or click today to schedule with Monica!

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We are lucky to have our incredible hair stylist and extension specialist, Mari, on our team! She shows her creativity by modernizing classic hairstyles to fit stylish people on-the-go. After 16 years of experience she’s an asset to the Perrysburg beauty community. She continues her education constantly to make sure she’s always using the best, healthiest techniques on all of her clients. Call or click today to schedule with Mari.

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Nick is an incredible hairstylist who specializes in short and cropped styles. He’s always perfecting his craft and giving his clients the fresh, clean look that they desire. Nick was educated thanks to Tony& Guy and has been a pro in the business since 2014. He’s always working to perfect his techniques and bring his clients all the latest trends. Call or click to schedule with Nick.

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I’ve been licensed since January 2012 however I have had a passion for hair since a very young age and knew it would be my career as long as I can remember. Growing up in a salon engrained the importance of making others feel the best they can! My background is based in Tigi as that’s the school I attended. Right out of school I used (and fell in love with) Joico, eventually educating for them. I specialize in blonding, lived in brunettes, and creative color. After 10+ years behind the chair and even more working in client care; I believe every person that sits in my chair deserves a style and color that blends together the best choices for the health of the hair and the over all goal. Hair health is my number one concern!




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